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Let's Watch Someone Play A Perfect Game Of Snake In Honor Of Today Being The 25th Anniversary Of Snake Launching On A Nokia

I usually hate anniversary blogs unless they are honoring something truly amazing AND the anniversary year ends with a 0 or 5. So needless to say, Snake turning 25 years old today fit the bill to a tee as it was one of the all-time great time wasters created by man if not THE greatest. 

I have no clue if kids these days use TI-86s in school or even have calculators since they all have grown up with devices in their pockets with 1000x the computing power of whatever Texas Instruments was popping out decades ago. But there was something beautiful about sneaking away from whatever calculus work my idiotic brain was trying to figure out to mindlessly trying to stop a digital snake from eating itself. At least Nokias have made somewhat of an ironic comeback for being an indestructible pillar of the 90s that just so happened to come with the GOAT mobile game, so the youths can appreciate at least one of the classics.

Anyway, I figured what better way to celebrate such a seismic event for humanity than by watching man take down the machine in a perfect game of Snake?

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To be honest, I never knew a perfect game of Snake was even possibly since I always thought the game was a metaphorical reminder that no matter how successful life may be going, it can all come crashing down at any moment due to one bad decision. Nonetheless, this superstar somehow escaped like 10 different pickles during that game with fingers so magical, his wife must have a permanent smile on her face. Yeah we're talking sex stuff.

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Alright this blog has gotten out of hand. Happy 25th Anniversary to Snake and thank you for ensuring I didn't pay attention in class long enough to get a real job so I could blog about your historical accolades instead!

Also Happy World Snake Day to those that celebrate it in the traditional sense.