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Need A Little Football To Whet Your Appetite During The Dog Days Of July? Here's A Breakdown Of Brett Favre's Inability To Read The Defense In His Wrangler Jeans Commercial

You know we are in the dead zone of football when Schefty is tweeting out shit like that, even though things like this bring hope to my pigskin loving soul.

Luckily my guy Mike Camerlengo keeps breaking down everything in around 60 seconds as only he can, with today being Brett Favre showing complete disregard to reading the defense in his Wrangler commercial. 

This was Brett Favre comfortably stuck in his gunslinger days as his career wound down and not giving a fuuuuuuck about what the 11 guys on the other side of the ball showed him. I remember in fantasy you never knew if you were getting 4 picks, 4 touchdowns, or both any given week. But you knew you were getting something memorable out of him. 

Which explains why he didn't just throw the ball to the open receiver getting a free release like every Madden worth their salt would. Granted, it's hard to trust the decisions of a guy that plays backyard football in jeans. Nonetheless, this will forever be a sweet ass catch that immediately takes me back to every NFL Sunday from roughly a decade ago.

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