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Elon Musk's Dad Says 'We're on This Earth to Reproduce.' And Backs Up His Words. With His 35-Year-Old Stepdaughter.

Speaking from experience, there is almost nothing in life as profound as seeing part of yourself reflected in your children. Unfortunately for me, that has come in the form of mediocre grades, inconsistent golf games, and a habit of taking over every conversation with movie references. (My kids' other qualities like devotion to God and country came from their grandfathers and skipped way over this generation.) So for Elon Musk and his father, this must be a deeply rewarding time. 

Because Errol and Elon have both revealed their deep and abiding love of unprotected sex. 

Daily Mail - The Musk clan has grown again as Tesla chief Elon Musk 's 76-year-old father has revealed he had a second unplanned child with his own step-daughter - who is Elon's step-sister. Errol Musk revealed to The Sun that he had a daughter with 35-year-old Jana Bezuidenhout three years ago in 2019. Just a year earlier in 2018, Errol had his first child called Elliot Rush, now five - also unplanned - with Jana, the daughter of his second wife who he had raised since she was four. 

The revelation comes just days after it emerged that son Elon had fathered twins - his eighth and ninth children - with one of his executives. Errol and Jana are no longer living together as Jana is 'getting on' at 35 years of age and 'if I'm still around she might wind up back with me,' Errol claimed. He said he would like to have them living with him but the last time they visited 'the kids were starting to get on my nerves.' The 76-year-old refused to rule out having even more children, however, saying: 'The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce.' 

The shocking story reportedly angered Elon, 51, who went 'berserk' when he found out his father had had a child with his step-sister. Although Errol denies having a bad relationship with his billionaire son, Elon has previously described his engineer father as 'evil' and a 'terrible human being.' Errol, a boat-sailing, plane-flying, electromechanical engineer from South Africa, was originally married to Jana's mother Heide for 18 years and they had two children together. Although the South African admits he has not done a paternity check on his newest daughter, she 'looks just like my other daughters.'

Look, we can all appreciate Elon's resentment here. It can't be easy to have been raised by a boat-sailing, plane-flying, electromechanical engineer. Especially one who rides the F-Train with your stepsister. No matter how appealing it might sound on PornHub. Family can be complicated. And this one seems to have a complexity that makes landing a SpaceX launch vehicle on a pad feel like the Water Bottle Challenge

But if I may, the best thing we can do with a difficult family dynamic is to try and find common ground. And for Errol and Elon, the solution couldn't be more obvious. These two share an identical hatred for birth control of any kind. Condoms. The pill. Vasectomies. Pulling out. If they can't come together on their shared love of ... well, coming together with women of childbearing age, then what hope does any family have? 

Here are two men who agree the world is heading to an underpopulation crisis. And they're not just paying lip servce to the problem; they're doing something about it. With their female staff members and a woman Errol has raised since she was a child. You might not agree, but you'd got to at least give them credit for backing up their strong words with action. So at the very least, this should be a way to bring them together. If not now, then after the next child Errol brings into the world and then ditches because kids are a pain in his ass. 

So come on, gentlemen. Let's reconcile, one guy who loves to spread his seed to another.