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Nick Cannon Cannot Be Stopped As He Says It's a "Safe Bet" He'll Have Three More Children in 2022

Pascal Le Segretain. Getty Images.

Page Six

Speaking to “Entertainment Tonight” Thursday, Cannon didn’t shy away from speaking about potentially expanding his ever-growing brood.

“That would take all the fun out of it if I just gave you a number right now,” he told host Nischelle Turner. Doing some quick math, Turner noted how model Bre Tiesi is pregnant with Cannon’s eighth child at the same time as Abby De La Rosa, who is the mother of Cannon’s twins. However, De La Rosa has not yet confirmed who the father of her unborn baby is.

After probing Cannon, Turner suggested it might be his child. “You would be close,” he said in response. “You would be safe to bet on three [more children] in 2022.”


Nick Cannon must have a legitimate fetish with creating life. Motherfucker heard the tales of Genghis Khan and said challenge accepted. This man refuses to pull out and doesn't care what the consequences are. Condom? Never heard of it. If Nick Cannon has sex he's having a kid no questions asked. 

Under the advice of his therapist last year, Cannon said he actually went celibate after having four kids with three different women in 2021. That's where he drew a line the sand. 

“I told you, man, I’m celibate right now. I’m going to see if I could make it to 2022."

That quote was back in October. He made it a few months, if that, before caving to the pressures of having sex and impregnating more women. Anyone who says just get a vasectomy, I think it's clearly all intentional. I don't think Nick Cannon is like Tommy and actually can't figure out when to pull out. 

Nope, we're at the point where Nick has to be gearing up for something. He may know something and is trying to overpopulate for a cataclysmic event. He can't be gunning for a TV show since these kids are with like over four different women. That would be way too much of a production. No, Nick Cannon is building himself an army of children. Maybe he's taken it upon himself to track down and overtake Joseph Kony's army? All I know is that Nick Cannon must be stopped. 

Shoulda just stayed with Mariah.