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Luka And Goran Dragic Joined Shaq On Stage During A Show To Introduce Us To The Hottest Dance Move Of The Summer

This is it. This is the dance move that we've all been waiting for. Why? Look at how simple it is! Even Dragic - who, let's admit, still has the cliche white guy move down - can hit it. That means we all can do the free throw dance during any sort of song.

 I'm probably too focused on Dragic because we're the same age and you can tell he's hanging on for dear life here. Hanging out with his cooler, younger friend in Luka and still trying to stay at the club until 4am. We've all been there. If you're on the wrong side of 30 you know EXACTLY what Dragic is going through here. Just accept that you're a drink during the day and fall asleep on the couch at 11pm person. It's not the end of the world, it's just adapting to your current situation. 

I feel like we haven't had a song of the summer since Call Me Maybe, so we need the dance of the summer. That's what this is. I mean, I won't be at a club but if you're a goofy dude that can't dance they just bailed you out. Save the video. Show it to people when they ask what the hell you're doing. Shaq is cool, therefore this dance is cool. Luka is cool, therefore this dance is cool. It's for all ages. 

PS: Shaq didn't make one of those free throws.