Golf Tough: Rory's Drive Fractures The Hand Of A PGA Staffer, Dude Goes To The Hospital And Promptly Returns To The Course For A Beer

Head on a swivel man. You should know this as a social media guy for the PGA Tour. You gotta know that Rory hits the everliving shit out of the ball. In terms of guys drives I wouldn't want to get hit by Rory has gotta be top-5. Just a piss missile coming for your hand and that's how you end up fracturing it. 

But this is about Charlie Kane being golf tough. For some a broken hand would be crying about it and sulking. Not Charlie Kane though. That man is going to get bandaged up and return right back to the course for a beer. That's how you handle it at The Old Course. You think the fine people around St. Andrew's would let you just sit in a hospital? Not one bit. 

I am fascinated by Rory during this Tournament though. Dude needs to win a major and he's obviously taken the most outspoken role of bashing LIV dudes. He's gotta deal with the brutal wind turn this afternoon since he's only through 4 holes as I write this. Cam Smith is on fire. Cam Young is saving himself. Rory has gotta shoot like 2 under today to stay right where he needs to be. 


Shout out Charlie though. Enjoy those beers because I'm sure that hand is sore as shit today.