A Congressman Faked Being A Paralyzed War Hero For 2 Years

On the latest episode of Zero Blog 30, Kate told us about a congressman who committed one of the most egregious cases of stolen valor that I’ve ever heard.

She told us about the account that she read on We Are The Mighty that started like this:

Douglas Stringfellow knew that a surefire way to earn the love of the American people was to have a military record. Luckily, he had one — a WWII hero and a Silver Star winner. Or at least, that’s what he told people.

Stringfellow claimed that he was a member of the elite OSS intel intel agency & undertook a mission to save nuclear scientist Otto Hahn from the Nazis, only to be captured and tortured by the Germans until he was left paralyzed from the waist down.

In reality he had only been a private in the Air Force. The OSS thing and the Silver Star were BS too. But the most shocking lie of them all? He wasn’t paralyzed. Not even a little bit.

The rest of the story begins at 4 minutes in.