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Twitter Can Be Cool: A Random Person Delivered Shane Bacon's Lost Golf Clubs From The Airport After Discovering Them In A Picture

On today's Pardon My Take... SHANE BACON! The Golf Channel expert joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter live from St. Andrews on today's show to break down every angle of The Open Championship ranging from Tiger Woods' slow start, his picks to win the tournament, and everything in between.

Bacon also revealed a crazy travel story that took place earlier this week. If you follow him on Twitter, you probably already have an idea of what went down, but here are all the details on how it reunited Shane Bacon and his golf clubs.

Shane Bacon: So, if you flew through Heathrow, that was the issue. So, I flew through Heathrow to Edinburgh and that was the big issue. Heathrow was losing a ton of bags and then they don't have the people at Edinburgh to help out, either. So I asked somebody at Edinburgh Airport, which is one of the airports in Scotland. I asked the lady, I was like, "Hey, just, you know, what is the deal here?" Because there were bags, Big Cat everywhere.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, someone said there was a mountain of bags.

Shane Bacon: Oh, I landed at midnight, And it was just I mean, there was shit everywhere in the carousel. It almost looked like if you were making a movie, how you would make, like, a bad baggage situation look like on a set. And I asked the lady, I said, "Hey, what, what happened here? You know, like, what's going on?" And she said that the baggage situation at Heathrow is so bad, they're actually flying planes to Edinburgh with no bags on them. So full planes of people, not a single bag on the airplane. And then they're sending a whole bunch of bags at times. So my golf bag got lost, my clothes got here, which is nice, but my golf bag got lost. So I was going to play a whole bunch of golf. You know, it stays light here till about 11:00 in the summer. I was going to play golf pretty much every day or every night, didn't have golf clubs, whatever. It's not a big deal. And some random person on Twitter, I was like having fun with it, I lost my golf bags. It sucks, you know, whatever, being stupid. Some random person on Twitter sent a pic, no avatar on the Twitter account, this is how random it was, took a picture of a whole bunch of golf bags in Edinburgh and my travel bag was on top.

Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter: Wow.

Shane Bacon: So, I circled it on my iPhone, I posted a picture on Twitter, and I knew how bad the situation was, and I knew I wasn't going to get my bag. That was the thing. I knew if I didn't get my bag from a random person, there was no chance I was going to get it before I left Scotland. So I said, If you grab my bag and you're coming up to St Andrews, I'll give you 200 bucks if you get up this way. I go play golf with rentals, and again, I told you it stays light until 11:00, so I'm not on my phone, I'm not checking what's going on. I look at my phone, I have all these messages from people like, "Hey dude, look at Twitter." Some girl named Steff grabbed my bag, she was coming up by St. Andrews and brought it up with her. Her and her boyfriend brought it up, dropped it off at the hotel at like 11:30, I took a picture with her. But again, good in the world. Good on Twitter. Twitter never brings us any total and 100% happiness. And this is one of the rare moments.

Mr. Cat: That's awesome.

Mr. Commenter: That is #golf right there.

Shane Bacon: So, I got Steff, I don't even think she knows this yet, maybe I'll announce this on Pardon My Take, I got Steff two tickets for Sunday at The Open, so she's going to come out with her boyfriend.

Mr. Cat: Oh, look at you!

Shane Bacon: And her birthday is Saturday, so Sunday, her and her boyfriend are going to come out to The Open, and I'm going to, you know, try to see what I can do about getting them in places where they can get some free drinks and stuff. But yeah, hopefully they'll be excited about that.

What a story! What a happy ending! A pair of tickets for Steff and her boyfriend see someone hoist the Claret Jug on Sunday and a reunion unlike any other for Shane Bacon and his golf clubs. We see a lot of bad on Twitter, but this isn't one of those times. Great to see.