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Bengals Release Teaser Video For "White Bengal" Alternate Helmets And Uniforms, And The 3rd-Party Mockups Look PHENOMENAL

As if life couldn't get any better for the Cincinnati Bengals faithful. Isn't Joe Burrow's pre- and postgame attire dripping with enough swagger and fashion sense for the whole team? Now the Bengals mess around and tease us with THESE threads!?!? Maybe a different sponsor for the teaser vid next time. Otherwise, no complaints about the sleek alternate helmet itself, nor am I taking any issue whatsoever with what some graphic designing wizards on the Twitterverse have promptly assembled.

UPDATE: It was precisely one graphic design wizard, @SethR94 on Twitter who works for PFF.

SHEESH, though. Maybe the reason the Bengals didn't pivot to this sick design sooner is because Burrow was getting pounded into the turf every Sunday the past two seasons, and his No. 9 jersey would've been more conspicuously covered in blood. I'm only half-kidding about that. Joey Franchise has taken a fucking beating. Thank the football gods Duke Tobin got us Alex Cappa, Ted Karras and La'El Collins in free agency to protect the man. Not a moment too soon!

Anyway not too much else to add here, save for one thing. I do like how the teaser featured that "alternate universe" style of text inspired by the Loki Disney+ TV series. Just so happens the Lights Camera guys asked Twitter to rank the seven Marvel's shows thus far, and Loki is second for me behind What If…? 

Hit me on Twitter at @MattFitz_gerald to share your thoughts on the White Bengal look. Oh, and speaking of alternate realities/multiverse theory/Loki/etc. — plot twist, I am going somewhere with that seemingly unrelated line of thought!! — check out this piece where I run through the likely Super Bowl-winning scenario on how the Bengals could've revolutionized the NFL Draft last year. Who Dey Hive, unite!!!