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This Year's Audubon Photography Awards Top 100 Will Get Your Nature Loving Dick Rock Hard - This year almost 2,500 photographers from across the United States and Canada submitted nearly 10,000 photographs and videos to Audubon's 13th annual Audubon Photography Awards. Reviewing anonymous image and video files, three panels of expert judges selected eight stunning winners and five honorable mentions. (Spoiler alert: It was a great year for grouse).

We couldn't stop there, with so many more exceptional shots—and exceptional birds—worth sharing. So we’ve selected 100 additional photos to feature. Displayed in no particular order, these photos give just a taste of birds' glorious variety. They also showcase a wide array of techniques used by wildlife photographers, as captured in entertaining and thoughtful “behind the shot” stories that accompany each image.

So Clem, Kate, and I made a friend on twitter that's super into birds. 

I consider myself a big bird guy, (I'm actually more of a raptor guy, I'm obsessed with owls. But I love and admire birds too)

Turns out my man Clemento and Kate also love them some birds. 

(Fun fact - Joe Rogan does too.)

Anyway, this nice fellow on twitter has been kind of our go-to source for all things bird watching over the past few months and even invited us on a guided tour sometime. 

This morning when I opened up my Instagram, one of the first things that appeared, because our phones listen to us, was a recipe for a lasagna using cottage cheese. The second thing to appear was an ad for The 2022 Adubon Awards. 

What the fuck are the Audubon Awards you ask? 

It's basically a Hustler mag for nature lovers. 

I mean look at these pictures and try not to jizz yourself.

I can't embed the pictures in the blog because I don't want to get lit up by Nate, but I STRONGLY encourage you to open the website and peruse the images. They are fantastic.

After careful consideration, I came up with the following results -