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Video Emerges Of Michael Jordan Shattering A Backboard In Exhibition Game From 1985

I've been a basketball fan for about 28 years now, yet I have NEVER seen this before. His Airness, the GOAT, Black Jesus, MJ, Air Jordan SHATTERING A BACKBOARD?! 

Editor's note: This video was not just uncovered like some secret UFO footage. There's a 14 year old clip of this on YouTube that's amassed 5 million views 

The list of backboard shatters has been very few and far between.

There was Daryl Dawkins aka Chocolate Thunder with this monster jam back in '79:

There was the iconic "Send it in Jerome!" call from Bill Raftery:

Robert "Tractor" Traylor's big ol' self (RIP) shattered a backboard in his day:

Shaq did it just kind of messing around with Ahmad Rashad for Inside Stuff, which is an all-time program:

LeBron kind of did it in high school, although this looks more like just a shitty tightening of the rim:

But I've never seen this MJ throw down that broke the backboard. Hoop technology and advancements have happened in the past 37 years and it rarely happens nowadays, but seeing this video on my timeline was shocking and I just wanted to share.