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That BOOMER Bob Dylan Isn't Allowing Cell Phones At His Concerts Anymore


Music legend Bob Dylan has announced a headline UK tour for October 2022 where mobile phones are strictly prohibited.

The 81-year-old pioneer’s nine shows are part of his Rough and Rowdy Ways worldwide tour that’s scheduled to take place over four years.

Dylan opens his UK tour with a four-night residency at London Palladium (19th, 20th, 23rd and 24th October) before he plays arenas in Cardiff, Hull and Nottingham. The trek concludes with two nights at Glasgow Armadillo on 30th and 31st October.

Tickets will be high in demand when they go on sale from Absolute Radio Tickets at 10am on Friday 15th July.


5. Mr. Tambourine Man
4. Visions of Johanna
3. Like a Rolling Stone
2. Not Dark Yet (I fucking love this song)
1. Hurricane

Knocking on Heaven's door would come at 6 or so for me so don't bitch. That's the only correct list of the best Bob Dylan songs you'll find on the entire internet. It actually inspired me to fire up some Dylan this morning. Feel free to do so yourself as we go through this journey of a blog:

Anyways, wtf is your problem Bob? Can SOMEONE on his management team tell him that anytime his clips are posted on the internet that it's FREE PROMOTION? I hate to use this stupid fucking millennial term as a dig at one of the best, if not THE best singer/songwriter ever, but what a goddamn boomer. 

For real… music of Dylan's ilk is dying a slow and painful death. Sure there are some bands that are timeless like the Stones, Zeppelin, Dylan, Sir Elton, and whoever else but eventually they'll be distant memories with how the world is trending. If you can't be found on social media, which Dylan is actively trying to do, then these 12 year old kids will have no idea who you are once they try to expand their musical horizons when they're older. It's just the sad truth.

That or he's just like "fuck these kids and their goddamn social media, I only have a few spins around the sun left and have lived an unbelievable life, so fuck it" and if that's the case, I respect the shit out of it. I hate social media a little more every day that I wake up. Just so happens to be a necessary evil. 


Bonus note that isn't really related. Back in 2015 I had a Friday off work for my sister's wedding. A high school buddy texted me saying Adele tickets were about to go on Sale for her "25" album tour and that we should buy tickets and resell them at a massive profit. I waited in line on the internet and luckily scooped up legit like 5th row floor seats for her show later that year at the United Center. I paid $400 for 4 seats. Later that fall, similar seats were going for $2500 a pop at Madison Square Garden. She got so pissed off at people scalping her tickets she said "fuck this" and made her shows credit card entry moving forward. I thought I was gonna make a quick $10K off those seats. Instead I had to act like I lost my credit card (that was my "ticket") and eventually got the money back, but it still sucked. All I wanted to do was make a quick buck off Adele's beautiful voice, is that such a crime?

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