What An Absolutely Unbelievable Fold With 14 Players Left In The Main Event


What an absolutely amazing fold. You can be a chat pro all you want, but you have to give David Diaz credit for having the poker IQ to lay down queens full there with 14 players left in the Main Event. He just knew on that stage, in that moment, Farnes would have to possess the largest balls in the world to pull off such an insane bluff on that river. There's maybe 3 players alive who could properly bluff in that spot, but there's also only a few players alive who could fold AQ there too. But his fold allowed him to stay alive and make a $110,000 pay jump, well deserved.

Poker is so god damn hard, man. You run into spots like that all the time and chalk it up to bad luck, but folds like that are what separate the bad from the average, the average from the good, and the good from the great. We have to aspire to be able to make folds like that so one day we can make it deep in the Main. Back to the lab I go.

I'm also now cautiously optimistic about us one day hosting a Barstool poker tournament:



I'm feeling...okay about it. I think we could go to Greektown Detroit, run a $400 tournament, and absolutely crush it. Show the powers that be that we mighttttt just know what we're talking about. Pipe dream, but possible.



Also, here is a very nice call. Always difficult to call for your tournament life with 1 pair, especially with the size of these payjumps.



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