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James Gunn Personally Told Me That Thor Was Never Going To Be In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Usually I look to double source if not triple source any of my scoops because I believe the Barstool reader should only read the highest level of journalism on their phone, usually while they are taking a shit. But considering James Gunn is the God responsible for all things Guardians in the MCU, I have no choice but to take him at his word that Thor was not going to be in Volume 3.

That being said, do I truly believe in my heart of hearts that James Gunn was NOT going to include Chris Hemsworth in Volume 3, even for a minute, after the incredible comedic chemistry he had with the Guardians in Infinity War and the Russo Brothers literally had him leave with the Guardians at the end of Endgame?

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But that's neither here nor there. I'm not going to sit here and call the guy who not only made my family's favorite movie (Volume 2) but also got a clip from My Mom's Basement picked up by the aggregators, which will give us a few extra clicks and views during a time when the suits at Barstool are going for the head of smaller podcasts.

The bottom line is a bunch of people kicked and screamed about an old tweet James wrote, got him briefly kicked off Guardians 3, and allowed him to create the best non-Batman DC content in years with The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker before coming back to the MCU.


If the tradeoff to kickstarting the DCU to the point it may cause Marvel to step their game up against a real competitor and giving the Basement Boyz a drip of internet clout was not having Thor in a Guardians 3 movie fresh off of Endgame that probably would've ruled but could've hit some hiccups during the pandemic, I'll take it every single time.

Also shout out @BSS_Clips for putting together that clip of the episode that caught James Gunn's eye. Our little nerd podcast may not have the most knowledge, subscribers, or even a producer since Robbie does all the editing and social for My Mom's Basement outside of a few listeners that occasionally put together some clips. But we do have a ton of fun with the small but awesome group of listeners that head into the basement with us every week, which pretty much makes us the Guardians of podcasting. 

If James Gunn would like to join our little ragtag operation to talk about all his past and future projects in all the nerdy cinematic universes, I'd welcome him in the basement with open arms. If you guys want to tweet @ him to ask him to join us, that would be swell too!

Also for anyone that wants our takes on Thor: Love And Thunder, including the ones James Gunn says are dead ass wrong along with our patented Fast Food Review™ System, check out the podcast below!