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IT'S (maybe) HAPPENING!!!! The Knicks And Jazz Have Reportedly Started Discussions On A Donovan Mitchell Trade

[Source] - The Jazz and Knicks have begun discussions on a potential trade to send three-time NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell to New York, sources tell The Athletic.

The Knicks possess eight future first-round picks — four of their own and four acquired via trades — to use in a package. New York also has stockpiled young players, such as Quentin Grimes who is believed to be of interest to Utah, sources said.

This is happening and happening fast. I know I talked about how I don't want the Knicks to mortgage the future for Donovan Mitchell so this makes me happy. A plethora of picks, Grimes and some other pieces is the key. No RJ is basically all I ask for. But the fact Shams is out here tweeting this out and talking about it tells me it's bound to happen. We know Donovan Mitchell has been linked to the Knicks basically since his rookie season, but this is the important part. Keep RJ, have a core of all guys under 26 and keep growing. This would be the most entertaining and actually talented Knicks roster in ... oh 30 years? 

Again, it's moving fast and it's not shocking. Every report has said that that Jazz value draft picks. The Knicks just can't go down the Melo path again. Don't give away every single future asset for a guy that won't win you a title. Donovan Mitchell helps, but it's not a title switch or anything like that. This is why you have 8 picks and offer a combo of that with some of the young guys. 

This is the comforting news I needed to see before the Open starts. I was terrified of a report where the Knicks were offering RJ/Randle/all the picks + young guys for him. That's not the case. I can live with this. This is Leon Rose doing Leon Rose things and that's the key here. Again, it's all early but it's moving fast. Just keep it this way.