We Had Ourselves a Good Old Fashioned Brawl in the Stands During Last Night's Yankees Game

It's been a weird last few games for the Yankees lately and as a result the fans are getting agitated. Last night we had ourselves a good old friendly-fire fan brawl in the stands. Just a couple Yankee fans furious about Luis Severino leaving the game with right shoulder tightness and letting their emotions get the best of them. It happens. 

Let''s try to break down the footage shall we? Up top you've got the main account tweet, but we've also got a second angle here to help clarify some things.

Alright, the big fella in the Yankee jersey and backwards hat clearly is the main asshole here. Beer in one hand, open hand slap with the other on the guy sitting down which really gets the party started. Things appear to be calming down for a moment before backwards hat guy knocks the cammo dude's hat off. Once you knock a man's hat off then all bets are off. For some reason backwards hat guys' pal thinks his buddy just got clocked so he turns around from the security guard and blindly starts going to town on cammo man. 

Backwards hat guy, who started the whole thing, decides to back away while chaos ensues, but not before chucking his beer in the direction of everyone. I'll never understand the logic in wasting a $15 beer like that, but to each their own I suppose. That is basic protocol for being the one true asshole in a fight at a game though. Start the bullshit, swing first, back away, throw your beer. 

Now after watching a few times I've zeroed in on this fella in the blue who throws his hands in the air saying he wants no part of the scrum the moment it enters his area. 

In a matter of milliseconds from his "I don't what any part of this" gesture, he's found throwing hammer fists just waiting for Herb Dean to step in and stop the fight. Three total seconds elapse from the frame above to this one below. 


Now considering this was at Yankee Stadium there was obviously no UFC ref to officiate so he continued pounding away. After reviewing both angles, I can't tell who he's punching. I think his goal was to hit the grey shirt dude who was going nuts on cammo jersey, but he definitely gets a few in on the wrong guy with how recklessly he was swinging. My man went from peace maker to just wanting to punch the shit out of people who had no way of hitting him back. I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt for no reason at all that one of his friends got hit and this was him defending that person. No other explanation other than he was blowing off some steam. 


Next we'll focus on this gentleman. He's waking up today sad and defeated. 

After looking at both shots he's sitting next to the cammo jersey guy, who I'm assuming is/was his buddy. Once the commotion starts he does his best to get his friend to relax and de-escalate everything. As you can see from the image, his attempts came up short. It wasn't his day. Backwards hat dude gets two to three massive cheap shots on this guy when he's not looking that clearly stunned the shit out of him. He gets outta there before anything else happens, probably because his brain was scrambled. He tried to get things to stop and it resulted in him getting clocked maybe worse than anyone. A valiant effort, but nothing to show for it besides a concussion. 

No way to tell what started everything, but gotta give props to cammo jersey guy for making it out in one piece, especially after his buddy got rocked and abandoned ship. Backwards hat guy should be banned for life. It's one thing to instigate a fight at a game, but every punch/slap he threw was a blatant cheap shot whether it was to go a guy sitting down or looking the complete other way. Throw in the beer toss as he backed away and you've got a big time asshole. Grey shirt man feels like a guy who loves to get pissed off any moment he can. One little thing goes wrong and he flips that switch to a full blown rage monster. You never want to go out in public with those kind of people. Blue shirt guy probably had good intentions, but getting that involved when you were multiple seats away from the fight is just an odd move unless he was defending his pal. That dude starts letting them fly and everyone kinda let out a collective "oooh" confused as to where the hell he came from. Cammo guy's pal isn't gonna help break up fights anymore. Lesson learned. Hopefully that concussion heals soon my friend, you tried your best it just wasn't your moment to be the hero. 

Winners: The Yankees (winning via wild pitch), cammo jersey guy (survival) 

Losers: backwards hat guy (giant asshole), grey shirt guy (tough guy), cammo guy's friend (didn't do anything wrong, just got rocked and forgot what planet he was on), the Reds, security (where is anyone), Severino (shoulder tightness)  

Not sure: Blue shirt guy. Those hammer fists were out of control, but if he's defending his buddy who got sucker punched then let him do his thing. If he just wanted to fight someone then he's top tier psychotic