The Mets Somehow Take 2 Of 3 From The Big, Bad, Unbeatable Braves Down In Atlanta

I DON'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW!!! The scrappy, underdog, New York Mets took down the juggernaut Atlanta Braves that stormed up the standings after 14 straight wins against the checks notes Diamondback, Rockies, A's, Pirates, and Nationals. Baseball historians are already calling this the Miracle at Truist. 

Checks notes again

Oh wait, the Mets have been in first place of the NL East for almost the entire season while the Braves have been looking up the standings directly at the Mets ass for months and only got closer after beating up on a bunch of well paid Triple-A teams? Well that certainly throws a wrench into the whole unstoppable Braves narrative, especially since the Mets were missing 2 of their 4 All-Stars for the series because of an injured groin and a human coming out of a groin.

That's okay though, because the Mets will most certainly collapse again in September to miss the playoffs because that happened in franchise history a couple times more than a decade ago, just like the Braves will never win another World Series because they notoriously shit the bed every October.

Checks notes a THIRD time, which is just Baseball Reference instead of a bunch of idiots on the internet talking shit over social media

You know what? Forget it. None of these lazy narratives I've been told panned out this series other than the Braves being a home run or bust team. Luckily the Mets have not only been monitoring the idiots that have declared their season over 34 times on their way to 55 wins but also been laughing at them.

Damn it feels good to STILL be in first place, which why is we recorded tomorrow's We Gotta Believe immediately after the game with live fan reactions.

LFGM. Now take us away Buck!