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The Kyrie Irving Drama Has Taken Yet Another Turn Where Now He's Reportedly "Committed" And Doesn't Want To Leave The Nets

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.

As much as you may want it to, the Kyrie/KD/Nets drama just won't end. Well, that is until the Nets actually decide to do something. Until then, we're going to go around and around and around with "reports" and "sources" and all that nonsense. As fans, we basically have to take these reports at their word because what the hell do we know? At the same time, I'm not sure everything adds up. We know KD wants out and demanded the trade. We know Kyrie opted into his $36M player option because he didn't really have a market and wasn't about to take a $30M pay cut to go join LA. If anything, that felt like more of a formality than Kyrie showing his commitment to the Nets, because if he was truly committed long term I'm pretty sure they could have figured out an actual extension that worked for both sides. 

This is all a little confusing you see because of the latest rumblings according to "sources"

A source close to the team told the Post that just because Kevin Durant requested a trade from the Nets a few days after Irving opted into his contract, this speculation about Irving leaving the team has come out of nowhere, as the guard signed his player option instead of becoming a free agent. The source said Irving intends to play for the team, even without Durant. 

“Kyrie has not asked for a trade,” the source said. “Now, if the Nets don’t want him, that’s something totally different. Kyrie has not said he wants a trade. He opted in. [So where did] the trade conversations come from? Is it because, KD requested a trade and now everybody’s like let’s trade Ky? Kyrie opted in.”

Hmmm. Why is this confusing? Well, there's ya know, this

Those of course seem to have fallen apart because who the hell wants Russell Westbrook on their team right now, but let's not pretend like all these Lakers rumors are fake or by accident or not supported by Kyrie. I love the phrasing of all this though, it's the classic Kyrie spin. He's not the bad guy here you see. If he's moved, it's because the Nets are done with him and not the other way around. You have to respect his dedication to never really taking responsibility for any of the drama that surrounds him.

My question is this. If Kyrie is "committed" to the Nets and wants to stay and is happy there, well then why is Durant demanding a trade? I'm not sure that all adds up. Is it because he knows Kyrie is leaving after next season? Is he mad at the team for how they treated his friend even if all they did was ask him to come to work and didn't just want to blindly hand over a max extension? It's all so confusing. 

If I had to guess, I bet everyone is still on the Nets come training camp. What, KD is going to pull a Simmons and not play? I can't see that happening since he already lost a season due to injury and is already 34. It's probably in everyone's best interest to show up, actually try, and rebuild your market. That way if the Nets have to trade you, people are actually interested. 

Watch this blog be the thing that sparks a move to actually be made because that tends to be how things work on the internet, but that would just mean we have chaos so I guess I won't be too mad.