Today's Internet Mad Lib That Is Somehow Real: Lamar Odom Is Promising To Knock Out 'Fake Drake' During An Actual Boxing Match

[Source] - Fake Drake will get his wish to fight in the Celebrity Boxing arena ... just not against the man to whom he owes his livelihood.

Damon Feldman of Celeb Boxing tells TMZ Hip Hop that Lamar Odom -- AKA ex-NBA champ, husband to Khloé Kardashian -- has agreed to square off against Frake ... and this one feels a little personal.


Well, sure. That's a real headline and story and everything. Really just sums up where we are in 2022 because you know what? People are going to watch this. Just like when Lamar Odom kicked Aaron Carter's ass, people tuned in, people read Coley's blog summing it up. 

Now Lamar Odom is moving on from the brother of an elite (yeah I said ELITE) boy band to a fake look-alike guy of Drake. I don't know how we got here but we're here. It's like JV Celebrity Deathmatch just without you know, the word death involved. More like a few punches and mostly running around slap fighting. 

It all started by this guy Izzy Drake - you gotta do something better than just being a look-alike man - challenged real Drake to a boxing match. 

Good God what a loser. 

Anyways, since Drake is you know, Drake and rich, he's not boxing. Lamar Odom is taking the ring for him. Decent guy to have. If someone is going to fight for me I want a former athlete that has a little crazy to them. Even better is the fact he beat Aaron Carter. So at least he has experience boxing here. 

What a dumb, weird world we live in. That said, they should settle it here: