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John Calipari Is Getting His Mojo Back With This Incredible Interview Filled With Backhanded Compliments Making Fun Of Louisville

This is what I needed to see and hear on one of the slowest news days of the year. John Calipari out here throwing backhanded compliments around, talking about how Louisville should have hired Kenny Payne 5 years ago, they don't go after the same guy in recruiting often and how he's going to bash his head in. Love it.

 I'm man enough to admit Cal fucked up the end of last year by relying too much on inside play and never developing a true stretch 4 (his biggest weakness). Some of it is on the players for sure, but Cal needs to keep turning the offense more modern. He had the 3 guard look. He just needs more shooting. That's how you lose to St. Peter's when you just consistently try to force feed a big man in the post. 

Oh and in terms of recruiting? I still trust my guy: 


This is the sort of John Calipari we need back at Kentucky. The cocky guy, not afraid to say anything and make fun of anyone. The guy who is stubborn but knows how to adapt. It's about bashing Louisville's head in. It's about winning. This year feels like the bridge year from getting that Calipari back. This year's team is way more 'veteran' than what will be here in 2023. 

All I know is the mojo is coming back and that's what I needed to hear.