Dubbed By Many The Pre-Season AL East Favorites, The Toronto Blue Jays Have Fired Manager Charlie Montoyo Before The All Star Break

Steph Chambers. Getty Images.

WOW!! Who had Charlie Montoyo getting fired before Tony La Russa? Anyone? One single person in the world? From easy favorites to win the division to firing your manager before the All Star Break. What in the world is happening up there? 

The Blue Jays are having a disappointing season given how hot they were to finish 2021, just missing the playoffs by a game. 90 games into the 2022 season and they're a subpar 46-42, but at this very moment they're still the holder of a wild card spot! Certainly they're leaving more meat on the bone here and management is trying to turn this season around, but that's a tough pill to swallow if you're Montoyo. It's not his fault Bo Bichette, Springer and Vladdy are having down years. Not sure anyone saw Berrios being this bad or anyone in the pen sans Romano being useless. I guess you have to pin it on a guy and hope that lights a fire under everyone's ass. Maybe there was some internal stuff as well that led to this, but damn is this shocking. Seems like an overreaction, but that's just me. You saw in LA it clearly wasn't Joe Maddon's fault with the Angels being 11-22 since he got canned. Maybe Toronto brings him in? 

The AL East is a fucking war. Every team is .500 or better and in the playoff hunt. I understand the talent on that roster is way better than 46-42, but when you play every team in that division 19 times a year you're gonna get beat up. Four of the top five wild card teams are from the fucking East. 

This six to seven team race is going to be a bloodbath down the stretch.