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If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em - Vincent Trocheck Is A New York Ranger

Jared Silber. Getty Images.

Vincent Trocheck was arguably the Canes best player throughout their 7-game series with the New York Rangers almost 2 months ago, including a goal in each of the last 3 tilts - one even strength, one PP and one shorty. Even when he wasn't scoring though he was in the middle of a scrum, winning a draw or being a high-energy pain in the ass. That wasn't enough to get his squad past the Blueshirts though, so there was only one move for Trocheck to make after hitting the market.

Become a Ranger.

Honestly, Trocheck was never really on my radar because I assumed he'd be playing near the same financial ballpark as Naz Kadri. They both bring a similar skillset but the two biggest differences are age & the fact that Kadri is getting paid after a career year. Take out this past season and they're essentially the same player. I would've expected Troch to easily eclipse $6M, so color me pleasantly surprised. As far as the term - max term contracts are nothing new for top UFAs hitting the market for the first time. The obvious plan is to hoist a Cup before the tail ends of these deals matter. Trocheck now becomes the newest piece of their veteran core tasked with getting that accomplished.

Trocheck played a few of his early years under Gallant so there's some familiarity there, and he embodies exactly what GG wants out of his players. He's a 50+ point guy who's had a couple of offensive outbursts - 75 points in '17-18 and 43 in 47 games during an injury-shortened '20-21 - but that's the easy part, especially slotted next to Artemi Panarin. Ryan Strome proved that. The 29 year-old is an all-situations staple who crushes it at the dot, plays a relentless yet responsible style of hockey & is a play-driving/puck possession dynamo. Despite his small stature he brings the physicality of a bully (185 hits this past season) and has plenty of "rat" to his game (whether or not he wants to admit it to Brad Marchand). You name it he does it.

The Rangers Cup window is wide open, but they needed to maintain the same skill while becoming a tougher team to play against. The addition of Trocheck accomplishes exactly that. If you're not ecstatic as a fan I simply don't know what to tell you. I truly believe the first half of this deal is gonna be robbery. He'll thrive here.


UPDATE - Rangers ink Jaro Halak to back up Shesterkin. Pretty sure he's undefeated at MSG so, works for me…