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Canada Kicked The Shit Out Of USA In The Lacrosse Sixes Gold Medal Game, And This Goal From Jeff Teat Was An Act Of War

The 2022 World Games have been going on in Birmingham over the last week or so. It's essentially the Olympics for sports that aren't in the Olympics. Floorball, bowling, tug of war. That sort of thing. And this year they had lacrosse "Sixes" in the mix. 

I've been beating the drum for lacrosse to be in the Olympics for years now. The moment that lacrosse "Sixes" was introduced to the world, I tried my best to jump on board because I knew this version of the sport would be the most direct path to getting lacrosse in the Olympics as soon as possible. 6v6 lacrosse. No longpoles. No faceoffs. Basically just a run & gun style of lacrosse that allows more nations to put together rosters since you only need 7 guys on the field at once instead of 10. 

Then last night happened and holy shit, I don't want any part of lacrosse Sixes in the Olympics. Not because it's not good for the game. But because if that's the case, Canada is going to win gold every single time. 

What an absolute dick kicking that turned out to be. Not that it should be a surprise to anyone. It's just a way easier version of box lacrosse with bigger nets and less greasy defense being played. It's like Canadians were master chefs and were just asked to make a grilled cheese. A 23-9 win in the gold medal game and that 23rd goal was as silly as they come from Jeff Teat. 

First off, the handle on that pass is absurd. Little backhand handle on a low pass with a defender draped all over his back. And then to just instinctually let it fly behind-the-back while falling away from the cage right over the goalie's shoulder? Grotesque. And sure, it's always easier to pull out this move when your team is up by 13 goals. But I'd imagine Jeff Teat would have done the exact same thing even if this was a 1-goal game. Sick bastard. 

So yeah. Long story short, I'm not nearly as excited about lacrosse getting into the Olympics as I was before. Because it just seems like it's going to be a ton of Canada kicking USA's ass in the gold medal game. No thanks.