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Evgeni Malkin Is A Liar And A Scoundrel, Re-Signs With Pittsburgh Instead Of Testing Free Agency

Kirk Irwin. Getty Images.

What in the actual frick is going on here? Just 36 hours ago Dreger put out a report that Geno was heading to free agency. Looking to test the open market for the first time in his career. 

And then on the eve of NHL Free Agency he comes out and signs a 4-year extension with Pittsburgh before he was even able to listen to any other offers?

Giphy Images.

Sounds to me like Evgeni Malkin is a dirty, rotten liar. You really have to question this man's honor and integrity now. Certainly a man who openly lies like that doesn't have the character which is conducive to a winning culture. And not only is he a liar, but he's also selfish. I mean did Geno even stop to think about how his actions could effect others? Did he even consider the bloggers out there who would immediately jump to dance on Pittsburgh's grave when it sounded like he was on his way out of town?


Now what? Now I look like a fucking idiot and Evgeni Malkin is making another $24.5 million. Goddammit. I said a lot of really nice and complimentary things about Malkin in that blog, too. Essentially that he's the straw that stirs the drink in Pittsburgh. So now I'm on record basically giving Geno a word squeezer, and he turns right around and signs with Pittsburgh again before free agency even begins? You fucked me here, Geno. Sandpaper finish no lube. 

Anyway, basically just take everything I said in that original blog and read it as the opposite for what this means for Pittsburgh. Even if Malkin isn't necessarily the same player he was when he was putting up 100 point seasons, you can never fully count out Pittsburgh when they have their core of Crosby, Malkin and Letang out there. The window may be dangerously close to being shut completely, but with a strong enough breeze you're still getting plenty of airflow through there. They might just want to stay as far away from Louis Domingue as possible for these next 4 years.