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Good Luck Finding A Dumber Soccer Play Than This One ... Hint, You Can't

We all know there can be a lack of scoring during soccer matches. That's why so many people make jokes when there's a 0-0 game. But this? This is as dumb as it gets. Happened up in Canada a couple days ago when this dude just BOOTED a goal away from his own team. Why?

He decided to celebrate. 

Hey idiot, wait for the ball to be in the net. Pretty simple rules here. I can't believe how many times I have to blog all these premature celebrations. Whether it's biking, football, Nick Young or now soccer. It's simple. Just wait a second. It's really not that long. See that sentence alone would have enough time to make sure your teammate actually scored. 

If I was this guys teammate I wouldn't joke around about it. Fisticuffs right then and there. Only way to handle you taking away my goal. It's not for good of the team. It's celebrating something you didn't even do! He didn't score the goal. He didn't even have the assist. Get the fuck out of the way and let me hit my celebration for my achievement, asshole. 

There are plenty of dumb plays in soccer. Usually it's reserved for a goalie fucking up, sometimes forgetting to use their hands. But this? This is the dumbest I can remember seeing and I've watched far too much soccer than I care to admit over my lifetime. JV high school teams don't even pull out this move.