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You Have To Respect Lil Wayne For The Most Ridiculous Interview Flex of All Time

Ice Cube appears to have squashed his long standing beef with Lil Wayne, and now I feel like Weezy F. Baby hasn't stopped popping up on my timeline. Tunchi appears in MGK's new documentary, was denied entry into the U.K., and resurfaced in another beef with Barstool's own Gillie Da Kid via Rick Ross (to name a ways Wayne's been in the news) but nothing will ever compare to the rapper's What's In My Cup? interview with Tim Westwood in 2009 ... 

NO ONE was bigger than Weezy during the mid to late 2000's, it seemed like every other week he'd drop a new mixtape or studio album just as good as the last. Hit after hit all while drinking whatever the fuck he wants out of his cup. These some of the bigger albums/mixtapes Wayne had put out by then ... 

The Block Is Hot  

The Carter I ,II,III 

Da Drought I,II,III 

The Dedication I,II,III

My favorite part of this video DEFINITELY isn't Tim Westood, or Lil Wayne bragging about all of his hits, the best part is what Weezy considers the ultimate drop the mic line, I was on 60 minutes with Katie Couric, was you?!  

For some reason it's even funnier when you know that interview was Katie Couric and Lil Wayne bowling together. This is also the interview with the infamous Lil Wayne line, I'm a gangster, Miss Katie. Prime Weezy was the best. Wayne's talent and persona still hold up to this day, even though he's had a billion seizures from lean. BUT, it doesn't matter what the fuck is in Wanye's cup.