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FUNDRAISER: The South Side's Own, Danny Golden, Was Shot & Paralyzed This Saturday And He Needs Our Help


It's been a really bad few weeks in Chicagoland and nothing seems to be getting better. I have no idea what the solution is or how to stop it and this should in NO WAY turn into some fucked up right vs. left gun control debate, because in the end there is no debate if you are a reasonable person with a normal brain that isn't broken by a political affiliation. It all just sucks. 

The South Side's own Danny Golden is one of the latest victim's of senseless gun violence. I don't know Danny personally, but after this shit went down Saturday morning a TON of people I am close with from the south side reached out to me to help spread the word on the fundraiser they were creating. Each one of them sang nothing but the HIGHEST praises for both Danny and his entire family. Needless to say, the entire community is distraught over this as "Danny's one of the good guys". 


To get to know Danny a little better and to know what you're donating to, here is a little bio from the Go Fund Me:

Our nephew Dan comes from a large family, born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Look no further if you want to know what service looks like: He’s the son of a CPD Detective and an ER nurse, the second of seven children, and honorably served as a soldier in the United States Army. Danny joined the Chicago Police Department as a third-generation Chicago Police Officer and is on the Gang Unit. Four of his brothers served in the United States Army Infantry, from Afghanistan to Africa, Alaska, and Eastern Europe. His youngest brother enlisted in the US Army and is set to leave this summer. Three of his brothers also protect this city as Chicago Firefighters.

Salt of the earth dude who just got dealt a disgustingly shitty hand.

Danny will never walk again. Paralyzed from the waist down. One of the 20 (so fucked up) bullets shot by those animals into the group of people severed his spinal cord. Another missed his heart by millimeters. Danny's got a SHIT TON of medical expenses coming up and though I'm not from the south side, I know the south side pretty well having made friends with a ton of people down there, and it's a community that loves each other, fights for each other and rallies for each other. It's as tight knit a community as there is and it's ready to go all in for Danny to help ease him through this as much as they can. 

This is where you come in. If you got an extra few bucks lying around, know it's going to a good cause. Dozens of people have reached out to me to vouch for Danny and the Golden family, so let's try out best to help them out and make them whole. They have a ton of hard work coming up and we can make it easier on them. 

Thank you everyone!