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Opposing Owners Who Are Crying That The Warriors Spend A Shit Ton Of Money On Their Team Need To Grow Up

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

First of all, credit to me for being willing to re-hash these personal wounds for the sake of this blog. People think blogging is easy, and that it's some sort of fake life that anyone can do. OK, maybe that's partly true but there are also times when you have to be brave enough to blog through some of the darkest and lowest moments of your life. Some choose to go silent and pretend it never happened. I choose to blog through the pain. 

Second of all, these owners need to grow up. Crying about how as a billionaire you're too poor to spend like the Warriors do is lame as hell in my opinion. By now everyone's heard of the check the Warriors owners were willing to cut in order to build their championship roster. It's something that is basically unheard of in all of sports, not just the NBA. They have made it clear that it's all just monopoly money to them at this point as long as this core is going to keep winning titles. As a result, opposing owners seem to be upset. They think it's unfair. To that I say….

Welcome to the world.

Yes, someone in a small market cannot shell out $346M for their roster. Some teams don't own their own building like GS does, which makes things a little tougher. But I'm sorry, if owners wanted to truly spend, they would. We're talking about people worth billions here so sorry if I don't really understand why they are crying. Are they upset that Steve Ballmer is willing to spend whatever to build the Clippers? Or do they not care because LAC hasn't won a ring while GS has built a dynasty? 

I also think it's pretty lazy to think the Warriors only win because they have owners who will spend the GDP of a small country on their basketball team. That's not exactly true. The NBA decided to not smooth the cap in 2016 and through smart front office cap maneuvering and getting Steph on an early discount because of fucked up ankles, they were able to afford KD. They then were able to flip KD in a sign/trade for DLo which helped keep that salary slot. It's not their problem that BKN decided to help them out like that. Nobody wanted to touch that DLo deal. They then were able to flip DLo for Wiggins + a lottery pick at a time when anyone could have traded for Andrew Wiggins but nobody did. Again, I'm not sure how that's the Warriors fault. During this time the ownership group was willing to spend, which is what every fanbase wants right? They paid to keep their own core guys together regardless of what the tax bill ended up being. How is that a bad thing?

It's not like these owners that are crying don't get some of this money either. That's literally what the luxury tax and revenue sharing does. The money gets spread out all across the league directly into the owner's pocket. I think it's mostly pretty lazy and honestly more butt hurt than anything else to suggest that the Warriors only win because they spend, and that nobody else can compete. Sure you can! You can start by committing to the tax yourself. Your basketball front office can make improvements to the roster and find diamonds in the rough. Your coaching staff can develop those players that maybe didn't work out in other places. You can draft well. These are ALL things GS has done in addition to cutting the check which is the true root of their sustained success.

I look at this much like I do tampering. Everyone cries about it when tampering leads to you losing a player but nobody has a problem with it when tampering leads to your favorite team landing a player. It's the same shit here. Owners cry that it's not fair the Warriors operate within the rules and just are willing to spend money, but if they were winning titles on titles on titles I'm sure they'd have a different stance on paying a substantial tax bill. Again, anyone could have had DLo, anyone could have had Wiggins, anyone could have drafted Poole (28th) or Looney (30th) or Draymond (35). The Warriors did and then stepped up when those players earned big deals.

So maybe spend less time crying about how unfair it is and spend more time finding ways to not be so cheap. Find ways to compete using the exact same tools and avenues that the Warriors have.