You Truly Hate To See It: PSG Reportedly Rejected Ronaldo After He Offered Himself To Join The Club

Translated -  INFO THE PARISIAN | Cristiano Ronaldo has offered his services to PSG but Paris has no place for the Portuguese, for now

Oh no! Ronaldo got rejected! A shame. A true shame. That said, I don't blame PSG. Why would they want Ronaldo? They already have Mbappe, Messi and Neymar - even with all the Neymar rumors, he's still on the roster. There's no room for Ronaldo. He wants to be the guy and he simply wouldn't at PSG. Not to mention Mbappe basically has full control of the team and what goes on there, you think he wants to deal with Ronaldo? I don't think so. 

Think about how desperate Ronaldo is to apparently want out of Manchester United though. He's out reportedly offering himself to PSG. He has to make the calls and reach out to clubs.

Meanwhile Man U is out here winning important games. Preseason matches! 


Think there's only one thing for Ronaldo to do. Come to the MLS. Why not? You clearly want out at Man U. They don't want to sell him, but also clubs are rejecting him. Seems like he'd fit in perfectly at FC Cincinnati. I would love to know Messi's true reaction to this report getting out there. You know he's gotta be smiling. I don't care if they like each other or are amicable, there's gotta be some sort of no you're not coming here from Messi. 

A true shame though.