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I Dare Anybody To Find Me Something More Rad Than This World Record Setting Pogostick High Jump

That right there is what being a dude is all about. Getting together with the boys and just doing a bunch of kick ass shit. Like clearing a 12' jump on your pogostick to set a new world record like our guy Dalton Smith over here. 

12 feet. TWELVE. Do you have any idea how high that is? The average height of an African bush elephant is 10' tall. The average height of an olive baboon is somewhere around 2'. So if you put an olive baboon standing on the back of an African bush elephant, that is how high Dalton Smith jumped with his pogo. That's as rad as it gets. 

Maybe you were rad enough growing up to jump around on a pogo yourself. Maybe you weren't. Pussy. Either way, you'd always try to see how high or how far you could jump. You'd hit up a set of stairs and you'd be the shit if you could get up 5 steps. Then one day you learned about sex and you stopped caring about jumping around on pogosticks with your friends. But Dalton Smith over here? He kept pogo'ing. Because pogo is life. And one day it was 5 steps, one day it was 5 feet, one day it was 11'8", and now it's a world record. 

So yeah. Put this man in the Dude Hall of Fame. He's an all-timer.