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Pikachu Is The Best Super Smash Bros Character And It's Not Even Close


Listen, I don't make the rules around here but the facts don't lie. Pikachu is the best Super Smash Bros character of all time! He's been a legend since Day 1 Smash on the N64. He's a cultural icon and he's ready to fry any opponents that dare enter the arena with him.

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I've been rocking with Pikachu for as long as I can remember. He's one of the most fun characters to use and he's held up so well through every version of Super Smash Bros. In this video above, we had a bunch of Barstool personalities play Super Smash Bros Ultimate (the latest one on the Nintendo Switch).

Some of the matchups include: Nick vs Glenny, Vibbs vs Tommy Walker, Me vs Kenjac and Billy vs Big T.

Super Smash Bros is a timeless gem and one of the best party games ever created. There's never a bad time to smash your friends! Wait…