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Jake Paul Accuses Conor McGregor Of Cheating In And Out The Ring

Look I keep blogging this Jake Paul stuff because you all keep clicking it. This one is pretty juicy. Jake Paul responds to all of Conor McGregor's tweets calling him a flop nobody who did no PPVs. He basically states he's done way more PPVs than the alleged 70k and his net worth may rival McGregor's.

According to this website that is incorrect. But to respond to these tweets Jake Paul went pretty goddamn far. 

He accused Conor of cheating in and out of the ring regarding PEDs. I disagree with the accusation of Trenbolone. Trenbolone would look much different than the physique Conor has. It would be more of a Liverking traps and lats look.

Trenbolone is cheap stuff as well. A guy like Conor I feel like would allegedly be more of an HGH guy. But the nail in the coffin is the video of Conor allegedly with a woman who looks nothing like his wife. 


Jake also stated that he does more for fight pay than Conor or Dana who gave Kyle from Nelk boys 250k for his bday. 

Anyway, the stuff is getting pretty messy and I am also hoping someone KOs Jake Paul. McGregor would get a lot of redemption from doing it.