Pete Alonso Is Officially Once Again Going To Be Murdering Baseballs In The Home Run Derby As He Looks For A Threepete (Get It?)

LET'S COOK BIG FELLA!!! There was a time not very long ago that watching Pete Alonso pulverize a bunch of baseballs in the Home Run Derby, take the crown as the best power hitter in baseball, and wear a giant spinning chain given to him by Daddy Yankee was the highlight of the Mets season outside of the Jacob deGrom's brilliant starts that were usually ruined by an feeble anemic offense.

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Sorry Jake.

Anyway, it looks like the days of that being the high water mark of the season are (hopefully) over now that the Mets have an actual team of good players around Pete that can lead to meaningful games in September AND October. What a concept!

That's not to say that Pete isn't going to absolutely mash the fuck out of some baseballs Manfred will have full of more juice than a Tropicana factory. I fully expect the Polar Bear to walk away with a threepete (lol) because he is not only the best power hitter in baseball but also has the greatest home run pitcher on the planet this side of Hansel Robles throwing to him.

Quick reminder of the greatness of the GOAT.

In case you didn't think Pete announcing he is defending his crown in the derby was good enough juju for this upcoming heavyweight match against the Braves, this shirt being released in the Barstool Store should do the trick (but get it ASAP because I'm not sure how long it'll last).



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