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Jalen Hurts Is Reported To Hilariously STINK This Offseason And AJ Brown Does Not Agree One Bit

Damnnnnn D-Gun! It's the dog days of Summer, man. The Phillies are red hot. The Yuengling Light Lagers are ice cold. You're really gonna stir up some offseason Eagles muck a few weeks before training camp? Alrighty then. In Eagles reporting lore, Ray Didinger's word is God, but D-Gunn's isn't too far behind when it comes to passing on the information in a straight shooting and correct manner. I believe Derrick Gunn is telling the truth, or at least how he perceives it. He wouldn't just throw this information out there for shits and giggles. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if this so called "Source"* is trying to pull a fast one for their own agenda as Barrrett Brooks heard some of the same disturbing details involving Jalen Hurts' offseason play. 3 INTs, 4 incompletions, and 3 sacks in a 10 play run is hilariously awful in any setting, but in practice? Shiiiittttttt. It would be actually impressive to be that incompetent. 

On the other side, at least AJ Brown and Lane Johnson say the report is BS:

Kudos to the Mississippi born and raised Brown for throwing in McNabb and Vince Papale references out of nowhere. But I believe AJ and Lane, too. Well, mostly. I'm only a feeble minded D-III backup TE, but there are "Sacks" in 7 on 7 play. Usually there's an audible 3, 4, or 5 second count given by a coach and it the QB doesn't have the ball out of their hand when time is up it's considered a "Sack", even if there's no rush. But I like the mojo shown by AJ and Lane to have their QB's side. 

In conclusion: Derrick Gunn is most likely reporting the truth as it was given to him and he sees it. AJ Brown and Lane Johnson vehemently refute such claims. Dallas Sucks. 

We'll see you at training camp. Here's the offseason sitdown Rone and myself did with Lane Johnson to cleanse some pallets. Go Birds. 

*I'm not saying the "Source" in question who gave the info to Derrick Gunn is Howie...but it's 100% Howie. Carry on.