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Tonight's Knicks Game Is Officially Under Protest Now That Richard Jefferson - Yes, That Richard Jefferson - Is Reffing The 2nd Quarter

I don't mean to overreact in the headline here when we're talking about Summer League, but come on. What the fuck are we doing here, NBA? We don't need to sound like WWE. We don't need guest referees, even in Summer League - which, you know, matters for dudes trying to get 2-way deals or international deals. Let them play a normal goddamn game. That's the frustrating part here. Actually even more frustrating is the fact I blogged a mere 4 hours ago that I was done with the This League, NBA bullshit that we've become too used to.

The NBA is in a good spot! The talent is there. The personalities are there that don't need gimmicks and Twitter bullshit. There's a bunch of intrigue when it comes to teams like the Clippers (getting Kawhi back), the Celtics (young core sticking it out), Warriors, Mavs, Sixers, fill in the blank. We don't need the NBA to turn into this shitty reality show. 


Call me crazy but I just want to watch basketball. The O's are entertaining but that's all I have right now in the sports world on a daily basis. It's not in season where we are getting football into college basketball into NFL into everything else. Nope, it's baseball and Summer League. I actually don't mind Summer League just because you get to watch some guys try to figure it out. I can't stand the nonsensical takes game after game because again, it's Summer fucking League, but you get to the point. 

I will say this too. Kind of hilarious RJ is doing this during the 2nd quarter. I don't care that he's a former athlete, he's going to be sucking wind at halftime trying to talk through this. That's going to be the entertaining part of it all. Not the fake Globetrotters game we're going to watch in the 2nd quarter. Also don't think I'm not realizing this is a little propaganda to make people think refs have it hard. I'm still gonna yell when they fuck up.