It's Nut Up Or Shut Up Time

Hello everybody. It's me, you're completely mediocre friend WSD dropping by to talk shop. Look, it's been an ugly fucking season. This is a team, per their own words, that was trying to win a World Series. Instead they actively made their team worse over the winter because their owner cares more about the bottom line than piling up wins.

That's fine though. We got this division RIGHT WHERE WE FUCKING WANT THEM. 

Kidding. The first 81 or so games this year were a complete and utter abortion. Like actually, it was an aborted fetus. Most people - and I'm not talking about completely biased White Sox fans, either - said the White Sox would more than likely cruise to a division. I mean, they should have. They have more talent, at least on paper, than any other team in the division. A staff that should be pretty dominant. The most expensive bullpen in baseball. A lineup that, while flawed, should be shitting all over the garbage second division pitching they see most games.

But none of that has come to fruition. Not even close. Any time they rattle off 3-4 quality games in a row, they play like assholes for a week. That's been the story of the whole season. The good thing is, is the division is indeed ass. Like it completely sucks and it's still right there for the taking. Here are the standings as of 10:39am on July 11th 

Not insurmountable whatsoever, but the Twins are going to add. The Guardians will do Guardian things (and they're a nightmare matchup for the Sox as a whole, which is a different story)

But the point is simple. It's time to nut up and shut up. Lucas Giolito? Nut up. Lance Lynn? Jose Abreu? Luis Robert? Yoan fucking Moncada? 

Nut the fuck up. If they play to their true talent, which they haven't come CLOSE to doing this year, they win the division. If they get into the playoffs, anything can happen. The Braves were under .500 at this point of the season last year too. 

Just nut the fuck up. Reach back, dig deep and nut the fuck up. 

That's my blog. We'll be going DEEP into this on Red Line this week.

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