Florence Pugh Wore A Sheer Valentino Dress In Rome And Then Proceeded To Put All The Men Making Fun Of Her Breast Size In A Bodybag

Florence Pugh is fighting back against “vulgar” critics her sheer couture.

The “Don’t Worry Darling” actress attended the Valentino Haute Couture fashion show in Rome, Italy, on Saturday, clad in a very Barbiecore hot pink dress that happened to be see-through up top.

And after receiving a wave of negative comments, Pugh, 26, took to Instagram Sunday to share lengthy post defending the look.

“Listen, I knew when I wore that incredible Valentino dress that there was no way there wouldn’t be a commentary on it. Whether it be negative or positive, we all knew what we were doing,” she began.

“I was excited to wear it, not a wink of me was nervous. I wasn’t before, during or even now after.”

As a woman without mega titties or big fake boobs, I've been in Florence's entire life. The...entitlement? that men feel they have when it comes to commenting on women's bodies is always infuriating, but as we are the fairer sex, we usually take the high road and build up our own self esteem instead. Florence Pugh might be one of the most beautiful women in the world, and even SHE gets comments about her breast size? Give me a fucking break. 

She continued, “It isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time a woman will hear what’s wrong with her body by a crowd of strangers, what’s worrying is just how vulgar some of you men can be. Thankfully, I’ve come to terms with the intricacies of my body that make me, me. I’m happy with all of the ‘flaws’ that I couldn’t bear to look at when I was 14.”

Pugh proceeded to open up about some of the offensive remarks she received.

“So many of you wanted to aggressively let me know how disappointed you were by my ‘tiny tits’, or how I should be embarrassed by being so ‘flat chested’. I’ve lived in my body for a long time. I’m fully aware of my breast size and am not scared of it,” she wrote.

As I said, a long time card carrying member of the IBTC, this comes as little to no surprise. I'm about to dunk hard on men, but before I do that, I want to give a special shoutout to the women who ALSO shame other women for this. You're not off the hook, and you're just as vile. Anyway...

What the fuck is everyone's problem with keeping their thoughts to themselves when it comes to things like this? She can't just look gorgeous? She has to see snickers and sneers via instagram comments while she's wearing couture in Rome? You think she's going to see your "tiny tits" comments and rush to a surgeon? I've always thought it was unfair for anyone to comment on a woman's shape because so much more of our bodies are exposed on a regular basis. You can be wearing a potato sack and you can still see boobs, hips, legs. It opens the door for unwanted opinions and I'd like to propose a new plan of action. For the men who want to make fun of small boobs, let's see your dick! Let us all see your flaccid, sad little penis on instagram. Let's zoom in on your misshapen dick head, let's analyze the discoloration, lets shame the wrinkles all over your balls. Let's laugh at the length, text screenshots of our friends making fun of girth. "Body shaming" always sounds like you're being accused of making fun of someones weight, but it's a lot more than that. You want to shame? You should get it back in spades. Let's pinpoint the one god-given thing you have, where the only possible changes to be made must come with surgery, and let's pick it apart at length. We can even think of a name! Small Ugly Dick Committee? The Puny Penis Party? We'll workshop it. At the end of the day, I don't see this kind of shaming stopping. I can't even get into the amount of mental anguish girls go through in middle school/high school when all guys care about are big fat tits, and its equally disgusting to think about as I sit here at 31 years old. It still happens now! Everyone thinks its a funny light hearted joke! It's not. It never was, it never will be. Keep your thoughts to yourself.