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Shout Out Big-Time Stoolie Eric Dier For Helping Tottenham Land The Biggest Premier League Signing This Offseason

This is going to go down in Tottenham history. Why? Because look at who Eric Dier recruited to Tottenham. Not Richarlison. Not keeping Antonio Conte. Not going and getting Ivan Perisic or Yves Bissouma. Nope, it's Dave Portnoy, noted big time soccer fan. 


This is what I needed to see as a Spurs fan. Why? Dave doesn't lose. I've seen it happen too often. The Pats look dead and then win a bunch of Super Bowls. The Celtics look like shit, ultimately make the NBA Finals. So yeah, I'll take that guy on my side in terms of picking a soccer club. 

We need it as Spurs fans anyway. 

We know about the trophies, or lack of them. We know about the history. But that all goes in the shitter now. It's a new era. This is Antonio Conte landing players. This is Tottenham finishing above Arsenal (again). All because Eric Dier is a vet. That's what's important here. He could have said a 7 or an 8. Nope. He knew exactly what he was doing. That's why Eric Dier stays with Tottenham. 

Stoolies always come through, this time it just so happened to be a professional soccer player.