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Tommy Fury's Dad Said His Son Was Apparently 30lbs Overweight And "Didn't Train" For Jake Paul Fight

Big John Fury was quoted on his son's status via DAZN

“Tommy wasn't exactly in training, he'd only had about 10 days because he'd been on holiday and it was a surprising thing for him. I was a way out of it doing these tours and being busy elsewhere so I never got the chance to look at it properly,” Fury said.

“When I've paid attention, I noticed the whole thing wasn't right anyway but I said ‘Okay, it is what it is, if you want to go over there and box him, do it. You're experienced enough now and it's a 50/50 platform. I know you could be fitter, you're overweight, but it's entirely up to yourself because I'm busy and I can't do it.’

“So, he said "Okay then, I'll do my own thing and I'll go fight him anyway because I can beat him.’”

While a fight with Paul may not be on the immediate horizon, Fury is still convinced his son Tommy will be able to beat the YouTuber turned boxer if he prepares for the fight properly and he can return to coaching him full-time.

“Beating a Jake Paul is not a problem, by the way. We don't look at him as any kind of a threat at all,” Fury claimed.

“I think he realises now that he's got to get full time training, he needs a good eight week camp, I'll tweak him up whenever I can when I'm home for a few days here and there during the tour. I can have a look in and see what he's doing.

“At the minute we're just working on cardio and weight loss because he's something like 105 kilos at the minute, he's got to get right down to about 90, so he's got a bit of work to do.”

So this could be the reason why Fury has "been banned from travel in the U.S". This would make more sense than a travel ban because Tommy Fury was too young during the timeline of association between the Furys and the Irish Drug Dealer Daniel Kinahan. The funding of the boxing promotion group took place over a decade ago, a time when Tommy would have been a preteen. Though there could be a further association with the family, I feel like Tommy would be kept in the dark.  

105 kilos is 231lbs which means he would be 31lbs overweight for the fight. This does not necessarily mean he's fat a lot of it could be water weight and well-fed muscle that would deteriorate over a full camp. At that weight cardio would certainly be an issue late in the fight but could make Tommy more dangerous in early rounds with power. 

The official statement by Fury has been that he cannot travel but if this does not prove to be absolutely true he could be sued by Jake who is moving to do that.