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Cyclist Breaks His Neck At The Tour de France After Colliding With A Spectator But Still Finished The Damn Stage

Sylvain Lefevre. Getty Images.

It seems like every year there is at least one major collision at the Tour de France which is caused by a spectator. I mean who could possibly forget Sign Lady taking out half the field last year while being the biggest dipshit on the planet and jumping out onto the road in the middle of the race?

Luckily it seemed like everybody got out of that pile up no worse for wear. Maybe a few bumps and bruises but nothing too terrible. The same couldn't be said for Daniel Oss at this year's Tour. 

Holy shit. 

What an idiot. What a fucking idiot. This piece of shit just HAD to get the perfect angle on his Instagram story for his 213 followers to skip through, even if it meant breaking a rider's neck and thus ending his run at the Tour. 

CNN - Cyclist Daniel Oss has been forced to retire from this year's Tour de France with a broken neck after he collided with spectators.

"Complementary examinations have revealed a fracture of a cervical vertebra requiring immobilization for a few weeks," a team statement read.

The Italian rider was somehow able to finish the stage despite the crash, which also involved two other riders who were brought down behind him.


Dude broke his neck and still finished the stage? The doctors are telling him he shouldn't even be moving for a few weeks, but this cat was able to hop back on his bike and somehow finish a stage at the Tour de France. I have no idea how much of the stage was left but anything more than 5 feet is absurdity. Hockey Tough like you read about. 

But yeah at the end of the day, idiot fans at the Tour de France who cause crashes like this deserve to be put in jail. It's a reckless amount of selfishness required to think that your dumbass video on your phone is that important. You have people like that running around in society and something terrible is bound to happen at some point. So just lock assholes like this guy and Sign Lady away. It's for the betterment of civilization.