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You Truly Have To Be A Gigantic Asshole To Get Into A Fight In The Stands At NBA Summer League

Do you know how much of an asshole you gotta be to get into a fight at Summer League? Nobody fights at Summer League. Then again Melo is clearly sick of LeBron's shit. Can't blame him. According to Twitter, just like real life, Melo is the hero in this situation and the guy starting in the LeBron shirt is the instigator. All I know is you're in Vegas at like 9pm on a Sunday. That's some grade A assholeness (probably not a word, but we're running with it). 

It was refreshing to see that higher ground wins in these fights again. There have been too many instances lately where the guy in the lower row gets the first shot and wins the fight. That goes against everything I was ever taught about this situation. Higher ground beats low man in stand fights. 

I will say I am a bit surprised to see a Syracuse Melo jersey in a fight. That's low on the list in terms of jerseys I expect to be fighting at Summer League. Don't get me wrong, a Lakers jersey is probably 1 on the list. But it's for sure one that is the old Minneapolis baby blues. Only other two that would be up there is a black Blazers Rasheed Wallace and a red Heat jersey. 

It's Vegas fellas. Sit back, enjoy the shitty game and then go play some craps. There's quite literally a million other things better to do in Vegas than get into a fight at a basketball game.