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It Is My Understanding That Zach Wilson DID NOT Bang His Mom’s Friend

Gregory Shamus. Getty Images.

Alright, I am taking it upon myself to defend Zach Wilson on the internet so he can focus on leading the New York Jets to their first Superbowl in 53 years. He should not have to deal with this slander and is most likely a psyop by the rest of the league to throw him off his game. 

Unfortunately, there are people trying to sabotage Zach Wilson by spreading false rumors and I'm here to clear his name. Zach Wilson has been accused of banging his mom's friend. Though Zach Wilson is very familiar with cougars from his time at BYU, I have confirmed through a source he did not have any relations with an older woman who knows his mom. 

For reference, I am attaching a photo of his mother's friends.

The rumor being spread by Zach's Ex GF is that he slept with one of these individuals who are friends with his mother. 

Which opens up a whole new can of gossip. Look I never got into this game to talk about people's personal business but I am here to defend Zach so he can focus on scoring on the field. WE SHOULD ALL be focused on the scoring he does on the field, not off the field. 

Bear with me I never was good at gossiping.

So Zach Wilson broke up with his GF who was with him on Draft night. I remember that happening because it was on my birthday. We do not know why they broke up but it did not have to do with his mother's friend.

He now has a new GF now first spotted at the Yankees game.

Here’s the new Gf's tik tok because I know you creeps want it. Who doesn't move to Jersey and start dating an Italian girl? 

So he was winning the breakup essentially.

This is where it gets messy. 

Zach Wilson's former room/teammate and friend straight up started dating his ex. 

They were legit bros. This Dax Milne is like WR 6 on the 49ers and the only reason he is in the NFL is that Zach Wilson threw him hella dimes in college. 

Like they had this type of connection.

So he recently posted a photo with Zach's ex. Indicating they are dating.

Everyone was like WTF. Total snake move. It wasn't even like condoned by the peers. It wasn't like "o yeah they moved on its been a couple of years." Even his ex-teammates are like wtf. 

The Jet's equipment manager even got a dig in.

That's when the accusation of cougar hunting occurs. 

You see everyone was giving them so much heat so she threw out this slander. She deleted her whole Instagram account and Dax Milne turned off comments. The facts are she is liable for libel. Quick tip Libel is written, slander is spoken, a little way I remember that fact is that libel sounds like library which has written books where slander starts with an S, like Speaking.

I have inside sources that this was the result of defamatory remarks to deflect from the new relationship. So at the end of the story ZACH WILSON DIDNT DO NUTHIN LEAVE HIM ALONE! HE DON’T NEED TO HUNT COUGARS TO HAVE THAT DOG IN EM YOULL SEE THAT DAWG IN SEPTEMBER ON THE FIELD.

If you guys didn't understand the accusations from my blog, Jack Mac did a great tik-tok on it. The accusation is incorrect though. 

Also in reference to Jack Mac and Zach's dms you gotta understand Zach is in crisis mode because everyone is thinking he's banging his mom's friends and that would properly explain the dms between the two.

Jack and I may disagree on this sentiment but I believe we should be supporting Zach right now so he can focus on winning a Superbowl and we should be his offensive linemen on the internet but Jack is mad about the unfollowing. Leave Zach Alone so he can focus. 

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