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“She’s The One Who Looks Like She’s Had 700 Drinks” - Nick Kyrgios To The Umpire After a Fan Kept Shouting

The sports world is currently getting their dose of Centre Court Wimbledon Championship Nick Kyrgios and safe to say he’s delivering. While you’ve gotten the amazing aces, ripped forehands, mini-implosions, constant yelling at his team, you also got Nick pointing out a loud spectator in the stands.

“she’s drunk out of her mind I know which one she’s the one who looks like she’s had 700 drinks”

Doesn’t get much better than that. Also is he wrong?Love him or hate him you can’t deny the entertainment he brings to the sport. He’ll probably lose the match because Novak is a brick wall and can keep his composure betting than anyone, but man has this match delivered. The quality of points between these two plus the Nick theatrics have been box office television.

P.S. respect to that woman for not letting her Monday ruin her Sunday.