Perfection: Nikola Jokic Blasted Some Bare Chest And Danced Around A Fire To Celebrate The Biggest Contract In NBA History

Everything about this is perfect, most notably the fact this was filmed on a Razr. At least I assume it was? There's no chance Nikola Jokic or someone in the Jokic crew is rocking an iPhone for quality reasons. Then you have the giant shirtless man who happens to be one of the most successful players in the history of the NBA. Yep, this guy:


It's not the first time we've seen him break out the kolo 

I just don't know how you dislike this man. Just this gigantic Serbian man who will dance around, ride around on horses, hang out and look chubby but then kicks your ass on the court. Oh and two terrifying brothers that will kick your ass off the court if need be. Pretty solid dude. 

I want to see more of this stuff from Jokic. He's one of the most unique players we've ever seen and every time he does something off the court he's hilarious. Whether it's talking about playing his video games, dancing, singing, the horses, being drunk. It's good to know we have a back-to-back MVP that is willing to break out some dance moves while being shirtless. One of us.