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BARSTOOL FINANCE: How NOT To Trade Into Earnings

Quick reminder...  Tyler Morin from The Water Coolest and I pooled together $5,001 which we are investing as The Family Office...

"Oh yeah… How's that going Large?"

Not great.

We are up small YTD, but this week I decided to buy what I thought was a recession-proof name going into their number and I got punished for it… 

Giphy Images.

The stock was WD-40 (ticker: WDFC) and right after she reported (lack of) earnings, that bitch collapsed like Bambi's mother…

Giphy Images.

Watch and learn from my mistakes.

Oh… An audio version of this video exists for people who find Tyler repulsive and can be heard on Apple Podcasts

And directly below Call her Daddy on Spotify

Take a report.


Oh again… Here are a couple of Free GIFts…