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Miguel Cabrera Has Been Selected To The All-Star Game By Rob Manfred

The idea of having unique All-Star slots for legendary players is genius. Yes, you read that right; Rob Manfred did something smart. The issue I always had with players like Derek Jeter being voted to the All-Star game in their final seasons has nothing to do with their pedigree. Their accomplishments speak for themselves. I never liked that they would knock more deserving players out of All-Star slots. With this new rule, that won’t be the case.
Miguel Cabrera’s decline since 2016 has been well documented. If not for the plethora of injuries he suffered in the heart of his prime, we may be talking about a player with 600 plus home runs by now. And while he’s a shell of his former self at this point, his 2022 statistics have been better than they’ve been in recent years. The power numbers have been pitiful. His slugging percentage has been awful, and he hasn’t homered since May. But in this new era of dead baseballs, Miggy has proven that he’s still a more than competent hitter. While batting average is a stat that many believe is going out of style, Miguel Cabrera, all of 39 years old, still ranks in the top 10 in the league in terms of batting average. And while the power numbers are well below average, Cabrera’s OPS+ currently sits at 108, which means he’s been an above-average hitter this season.

Miguel Cabrera’s career arc has been fascinating to me. It’s no secret that the latter part of his contract has been a substantial disappointment. And while no one will cry because a guy making 30 million a year is underperforming, I’ve come to respect his grind. The Tigers currently have a pitcher on their roster who has stepped away from baseball and has not communicated with the team since his leave of absence. While I wish him all the best, it does make me respect the grind of someone like Miguel Cabrera, who has nothing left to prove and yet continues to string together consistent at-bats.

I do have to note that Albert Pujols also got selected for the All-Star game. That was a no-brainer. Pujols’ numbers this season have been disastrous, but who cares? We’re talking about one of the greatest hitters of all time in the final season of his career. He deserves the send-off. I think all of this is good for the game. Honoring the past is equally important as honoring the present, and these are two players who never cheated or got popped for PEDs in an era in which it was commonplace. These legends deserve their due.