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THE SQUATCH IS BACK. Look in this age of social media and smartphones its been hard to get a good hoax to keep up the belief in Sasquatch. (*Santa Claus Spoiler alert*) Like Santa Claus, believing in Big Foot just keeps the magic of life going. Christmas was better when you believed in Santa Claus, The woods and the world are more magical when you believe in bigfoot. I don’t know if this skull could possibly be real. It's either a gorilla skull that this guy is pretending he found in the woods or another type of Hoax. Best realistic scenario is that it's a Gigantopithicus skull. 

Do you not know about Gigantopithicus? The actual giant ape that roamed the earth alongside humans?

Many people think that all the Yeti and Sasquatch stories are derived from ancient tales of human ancestors coming into contact with Gigantopithicus, then being passed on from generation to generation resulting in the tales we have today. Gigantopithicus was the closest thing earth had to King Kong or a Yeti. The skull this dude is claiming on finding looks a little small for a gigantopithicus.

I have totally lost track of the original story which is one dude saying he found a bigfoot skull but Gigantopithicus has so much real estate in my brain. I don’t understand why I can memorize and learn so much about a 600-lb ape without any studying but I had to spend hours studying Econ. Like why does my brain like giant ape facts more than money-making facts? Gigantopithicus was native to Asia and likely had more of an Oranghutang ginger vibe than a black-haired chimp gorilla vibe. 

Back to the Coyote dude who found the skull. He literally will do anything for likes. Including letting tons of insects sting him. Can totally see this being a big-time hoax.


But back to Gigantopithicus because he's a beast.