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Report: The SEC Is Talking to UNC, FSU, Clemson and Virginia About Membership

In your Take It With a Grain of Salt Conference Realignment Nugget of the Day, the SEC has reportedly been in talks with Clemson, North Carolina, Florida State and Virginia.

Obviously, the SEC is going to make some sort of move in addition to its additions of Texas and Oklahoma before too long. We're hurdling towards two mega-conferences and both the SEC and Big Ten will likely have multiple more additions before it's all said and done.

Clemson and Florida State are no-brainers for the SEC, both in terms of brands and cultural fits. North Carolina is more than capable of holding its own on the football field and obviously would add a ton of pedigree in basketball. Virginia is a bit of a weird one, as Miami or Virginia Tech would seemingly be more logical fits of current ACC schools, but UVA is certainly a desirable athletic department.

Again, take everything you hear regarding conference realignment with more than a few grains of salt — this particular report comes from a swimming publication, but Braden Keith is verified and people are talking about it. Nothing is done until it's done, particularly when talking about ACC schools, as the conference's grant of rights deal seems to be much more difficult for schools to get out of than those in other leagues. But that doesn't mean this won't happen, either. Things are moving very quickly all across the country and nobody really knows what will happen next.

What is clear is that college sports will look very different in five years than they do right now.