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Dumbest World Cup Ever: Apparently No Beer Will Be Served Inside Stadiums And Only During 'Restricted Times' Elsewhere

[Source] - Qatar's World Cup stadiums are set to be alcohol-free, with beer sales outside arenas only allowed before and after some matches, a source with knowledge of plans for the soccer tournament said.

 "At stadiums, the plans are still being finalised, but the current discussion is to allow fans to have beer upon arrival and when leaving stadium, but beer won't be served during the match or inside the stadium bowl," the source told Reuters.

"Unlike previous World Cup fan zones, beer won't be served all day long, but at restricted times," the source added.

Visitors are prohibited from carrying alcohol into Qatar, even from airport duty free, and they cannot shop at the country's only liquor store, on the outskirts of Doha, where foreign residents with permits can buy for home consumption.

Alcohol can be bought by visitors to Qatar at a handful of licensed hotels and clubs, where a pint of beer can cost $18.

What a stupid fucking World Cup. No beer being sold inside the stadium, restricted times elsewhere and you can't even buy it at a liquor store. What are we doing here? You know besides watching FIFA be the most corrupt organization by giving the World Cup to a dumbass country with even dumber laws. That doesn't even include that massive human rights violations. But, hey, they got that money! 

All I know is I better not lose any sort of content because soccer fans during the World Cup matches are elite. Second of all, it's still America's World Cup. This is our chance to set the stage for 2026. I mean I think it's dumb that the entire World Cup in 2026 isn't in the US, but we can adjust. We're still going to be in our prime. That's what matters. 

I just want to know who would even go to Qatar for this? Outside of Donnie, why are you going here? You gotta really, REALLY, love your country's soccer team because that's all you might get to do. You can't go party. You probably can't even talk outside - likely some sort of outdated Qatar law breaking. You can't drink. You can't smoke. You can't have sex. 

Dumbest World Cup ever.