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Jake Paul's New Opponent is Disgruntled Sparring Partner Who Hates Paul

Jake Paul officially has a new opponent for August 6th at MSG after Tommy Fury pussied out. 

This new opponent is a guy who has over 100+ amateur fights as well as a 12-1 professional record. Now Looking at his record he (Like Tommy Fury) fought a lot of tomato cans. 

In his first step-up fight against James McKenzie Morrison, he was TKO'd. This is though the first sole concentration boxing opponent Jake Paul has had. This is a guy who only boxed and has 100+ fights under his belt. This opponent is the son of world champion Hasim Rahman Sr. who beat Lennox Lewis. I am going to break down more of Rahman in a second but let me first just do a quick overview of the bitchassness between Tommy and Jake. It will be quick. Here's the run-up to Tommy Fury not being allowed into the country business.

So after literally going into hiding after being banned, he has released a statement.

Jake responded that he is simply scared to fight him and offered him money to come to England to beat him. 

Tommy said get your money up.

Jake Paul tells him to go fuck himself and gets a new opponent which is arguably a better fight for the viewers and I will tell you why.

Hasim Rahman Jr. was one of those guys in Jake Paul's camp that were paid big money to just be a punching bag. A guy who was going sparring speed and is supposed to just let Jake have his way with him while throwing jabs for him to counter as well as no knockout punches. These types of sparring partners are the ones that as the main fighter who is being trained up you practice combos and defensive boxing, but don’t try to hurt with big punches. There's a level of respect with your sparring partner where they don’t want to hurt you because you have a fight coming up, and you practice scoring and winning rounds, not necessarily knocking them out. It seems Jake Paul did the latter. I have seen sparring videos where Jake tries to KO guys who are literally told not to hurt him, while also talking alot of shit.  Hasim seems to be one of the disrespected former sparring partners. You can see in this video there's actual beef due to Jake Paul breaking unwritten sparring rules and then talking shit after. 

In this video, you can tell Hasim is pissed Jake is talking shit about how the sparring went where essentially Jake beat him pretty good. Rasim in the beginning of the video is yelling "You talking shit?" "Really I could come in here and Knock You out" 

He is saying he obviously was a stand-in sparring partner who was getting paid to take punches and not hurt the money-maker golden boy. As we can see in the clip he is just covering up and taking punches. 

Also even though his record reflects him beating a lot of bad boxers, he still has been beating the shit out of career boxers.

He's a heavyweight who has come into fights as heavy as 269lbs and has to fight Paul at 200 cruiserweights. Here's the guy's career highlights and I have a feeling this guy is going to be a decent fight come August 6th.